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Consumers of Amish furniture are mainly interested in their tradition, culture and their history of becoming some of the finest craftsmen. When it comes to detail and quality, Amish made furniture are well-known. The Amish began as the Swiss Anabaptists who separated from the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. They were disciples of Menno Simmons from Holland. In 1632, the Amish accepted and observed the Dordrecht Confession which endorsed their excommunication as well as foot washing and shunning or social avoidance.

Because of this, the Amish had started emigration to North America. The Amish are most well-known for their rustic kind of living. They have already, until now, led a way of life different and separated from the rest of the world. They are not keen on accepting new technologies yet they use them in times of need. For example, though they do not allow electricity in their homes, they sometimes use it to help them in their craft. They might not own cars but they would take a ride on one if needed. If they need to use the telephone, they will use a public phone. To complement their way of life, they also make a living thru simple means such as farming. Carpentry is another, though it does utilize a bit more technology.

Carpentry came about as a way of life for the Amish during the times when procuring a land for farming was difficult. They had to think of a way to live which can be integrated into their beliefs. They then developed the skill to build their own house and create some of the sturdiest furniture the world has seen. Other than that, they are also most beautiful and long-wearing. The characteristics which are trademarks of Amish furniture are simple beauty and functionality. All Amish furniture have dovetailed joints so they are guaranteed to last.

The state of Ohio boasts of Amish Oak Furniture, which has been around since 1982. They have a very large selection with 400 pieces in their catalog. This includes, of course, Amish bedroom furniture. Though their style is usually simple, they make sure that the parts of the pieces which are meant to be seen are designed elaborately to please the eye. Since the Amish live simply, their children are also expected to do so. Amish children are made to play with their Amish doll furniture made by their kinsmen. These, like other Amish furniture, are durable and finely finished for the protection of the children’s skins.

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