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While the bedroom is a reflection of a person’s inner self, the dining room is an indicator of a person’s social status. Therefore, the manner of selecting and arranging dining room furniture is a clear signal of the gracious and the “relaxed" (peanut butter and jelly in the fridge) host.

There are many dining room furniture styles available. The contemporary dining room furniture designs emphasize function rather than form, extracting beauty from the simplicity of the lines and solidity from the color and tones. Contemporary dining tables and chairs typically have straight angles and may be made of wood, glass and metal, or a combination of both. The lighting for this style of room is indirect and subdued, perhaps an overhanging round lamp to contrast the straight edges of the room. It is quietly elegant and unostentatious and ideal for social gatherings with friends and business or professional colleagues. It may not be ideal in a household with small children because of the possible safety hazards of straight edges and glass construction.

Art deco dining room furniture is much more relaxed. Art deco became a popular style in the early 1900s, with its heavy French influence, and had permeated art design of furniture as well. French art deco furniture is made of wood, mostly mahogany and other dark wood where the natural grain is enhanced and emphasized with polishing and varnish. It exudes an inherently warm tone and style. Lighting can be supplied with a period-piece chandelier, floor lamps and sconces. Furniture in the art deco style is available as antique furniture dining room sets. They are all original pieces carefully restored to its original color. Some pieces available in this style are dining suites, sideboards or buffet, bars, consoles, and display cabinets. It is ideal for family gatherings and social dinners.

Putting together a room takes time and can cost a lot of money. Consulting an expert would be good if the need arises but mostly consult your own inclinations for the style you are comfortable with. The above two styles are just samples of what is out there and an eclectic style could well be the answer. Moreover, a primary consideration for most people is budget. If it is unlimited then all is well. However, if the budget resembles a string more than actual money, then it may be a good idea to scout around yard sales. You might even get a good idea or two.

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