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Furniture is an integral part of a home or office. They usually reflect the personality of the owner of the house or office. They can also be used to magnify or tone down specific areas or objects. There are many varied types of furniture and these furniture pieces are usually classified as storage, seating, surfaces, sets or group and others. Some people include lamps and other lighting fixtures in furniture also.

Storage furniture types include bookcases, cabinets (including china, curio and filing), chests, cupboards, drawers, hall trees, hat stands, sideboards and wardrobes. These are the types of furniture, which are used to store things and apparel. These furniture types include beanbags, benches, chairs, couches, footstools, love seats, ottomans, recliners, settees, sofas and stools. Further, the different types of furniture falling under the seating category are basically manufactured for seating purposes is in this category except for benches and other outdoor seats, although some people just put classify these outdoor items together in the seating category.

On the other hand, surface furniture pertains to the different kinds of tables. Tables come in all shapes and sizes. Included here are the coffee tables, desks, end tables, folding tables and gate leg tables. You may wonder where the dining table is in this selection. Dining tables are included with the sets because they usually come with their own chairs. Sets include bedroom sets, dinettes, dining sets and vanity sets. These are classified as sets because they are not only one piece of furniture but they have other pieces of furniture grouped with them. These furniture types are usually sold together as a group or set, although, some extra pieces are sold separately in some cases. These kinds of cases include those where the furniture style is similar with other categories or the style complements others.

There are, of course, different types of furniture. For one, beds, built in furniture and folding screens are included in this wide category of furniture. Headboards, hutches, stadium seating and street furniture are included here also, along with aquarium furniture, door furniture and park furniture. These furniture types are the widest variety. Some built in furniture may include storage types and seating types. Stadium seating, street furniture and park furniture most likely include seats, benches, and tables. These are not included in the seating and surface furniture types because they are for the outdoors.

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