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The furniture living room sports are typically the couch or sofa, one or two armchairs, a center table, one or two side tables and a side table or cabinet. It may also contain a centerpiece in the form of a fireplace or, as often seen in most homes, a television. The living room often doubles as family room, and typically occupies a central area in the house. Entertainment is also focused mostly in the living and dining area, so furniture must also be flexible in terms of space availability.

Modern living room furniture is typically associated with shiny and stark metal construction and finish, complemented with either stone or metal fixtures. It can be angular or not but it is most often irregularly shaped or innovative in design. That means it can take any shape and form that is atypical or normal furniture. Modern furniture is often interesting and clever and very often comes in black or chrome. The ideal modern living room sports a built-in flat screen TV that blends into the wall and surround sound speakers for the sound system, also built in.

Country Living Room Furniture
Country living room furniture, on the other hand, most often handcrafted and uses fibers and wood for construction. They are often colorful and homey-themed, with plenty of cushions and needlepoint interspersed in the various pieces. Rustic is often the theme. Ye old country home can come with a hefty price tag but it can be accomplished on a budget as well if enough ingenuity and enterprise is used, and an existing fireplace could very well make the place. Interesting pieces can be had for a very low price in yard sales and antique shops, although a little fixing up and refurbishing may be needed.

Contemporary living room furniture can be considered the middle ground for living rooms. Contemporary living room furniture pieces come in various materials and colors but it is most often associated with clean lines and emphasis on function. Well-matched pieces can exude a quiet elegance that could go well with a nice television or a fireplace, whichever is available. It can also be comfortable and homey with the correct lighting and a couple of ottoman seats. Any of the above living room furniture styles would be good if it matches the style and inclination of the house occupants. The important consideration, aside from the budget, is what the person in the armchair is holding: a book or the remote.

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