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Thomasville Furniture:
When they first operated, they were merely one of the many chair producers in their state. They also owed $2,000 worth of lumber from a couple of local farmers and manufactured one hundred eight chairs per day. These local timber farmers turned out to be brothers T.J. and C.F. Finch. Because they are not getting paid with cash, they contented themselves with being paid by stocks. Afterwards, they decided to buy out the other stockholders. Because of adroitness of the Finch family when it comes to running a business, their sales topped $1 million in 1917. The company has also started getting recognized all throughout the country as innovative designers and high-quality producers. The Thomasville Chair Company, as the brothers renamed the firm, formed the country’s first sales force in the entire furniture industry as well as the first to start selling an entire array of furniture like dining and buffet tables and of course, chairs.

During the Depression, in order to survive, the company ceased paying out the stockholders and made a salary cut. To be able to learn some of the new and better techniques in manufacturing, by 1933 the employees of the company started taking trade classes. Just like the rest of the U.S., Thomasville went to war in 1941. They produced items which were requested by the federal government such as bombs’ wooden plugs, rolling pins, wooden spatulas, tent plugs and the soldiers’ double deckers.

When the 1950’s came, sales were already in the $17 million mark. The company has already undergone various innovations in many things such as machinery. They are also already known for their quality products. Tom A. Finch renamed the company Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc. by the 1960s. Armstrong World Industries acquired the company in 1968. Thomasville then went into the contract industry by the 1970s. They had furnished various inns and hotels with their pieces. Their products could be found in many military facilities all around the world by the time 1984 rolled in. And then finally, in the December of 1995, Furniture Brands International Inc. bought the company.

The present Thomasville Furniture Inc. is a manufacturer of full-line furniture. They have more than four hundred retail stores in the US and there are also one hundred and sixty Thomasville furniture outlets especially for their products.

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